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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm the MAC-Guyver

I am a cosmetics genius! Last night I made the most brilliant discovery. Basically, I solved the problem of smoothly covering large blemishes. Ladies, you know the type I mean, they are like a third nipple trying to form on your face... usually the chin area. When you try to cover them, the skin looks flaky, uneven. Worst of all, you go through the painstaking process of concealing it with your multitude of concealers, brushes, powders, and see that within the hour (sometimes before leaving the house) the red of the blemish pops out again to make an appearance. So, now you not only have this red blemish, but caked make up surrounding it and drawing focus to it. Making you feel less than confident.

Well, the idea came to me in a dream, and now I am going to share it with you. I road tested it myself, because my skin has started an uprising as of late. Not only did the blemish get completely covered, smoothly, but it lasted for over 8 hours, and sweating, eating and drinking. It also gave the added benefit of concentrating the color or the concealer, to give more coverage with less product.

Here it is, simple you only need two products (plus a brush)

1. Urban-Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion*. If you have a fair to medium complexion, use the Eden shade for extra skin evening. I think that the original shade would work for all other complexions (and fair as well)

2. Mineral foundation/concealer shade. I use Bare Escentuals Bisque for most complexions, but you may need to experiment. Choosing this shade should be like choosing any other blemish concealer shade: just a touch darker than your skin, though an exact match would work as well.

The Brush I use is the concealer brush from Bare Escentuals.

Step one:
after having applied foundation to your face, apply Urban Decay Primer Potions directly over blemish, making sure to cover it entirely (pimple will still be visible)
Allow to dry- do not touch!

Step two:
With concealer brush, apply mineral foundation over blemish. Make sure to use enough product, but not too much. You will find that the concealer will appear to have a higher amount of pigment in it, giving you much better coverage.

Step three:
If necessary, blend out concealer into foundation on surrounding skin (with the right colors, this shouldn't be necessary, unless you have uneven pigmentation)

Step four:
Apply the rest of your make up as normal. You may apply loose powder with a brush lightly over concealed area, but not necessary, unless you are applying to the rest of your face.

There you have it. I hope this helps you out in a bind. Of course, a raised blemish will not disappear completely, but it will be smooth and skin toned, so only in bad lighting and/or close up should they be noticeable.

Try it, and let me know what you think.

*Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion ( or any other eye shadow primer) is a must for those who wear eyeshadow, so if you are new to it, use it to get more color from your shadow, and crease-less, stay put make up all day.

**I do not work for, or represent any of these brands- or any brand, for that matter.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy bejeebers, it's my birthday!!!!

I know, I know I am not keeping up with this blog as I should.  Today is my birthday, so I think I can get some absolution, yes?  Birthdays mean never having to say your sorry... or doing the dishes.

So, except that it is stuck in the dead of winter, my birthday is and probably always will be my favorite day of every year.   It appeals to the princess in me.  Sure, I would love every day where I am the center of attention, but not everyone is on board with this plan.  (much to my disappointment) Today is a day I can wear a tiara, a pretty dress and spoil the inner child in me.  I have been lobbying for as long as I can remember for this day to be a national, nay, international holiday.  The introduction of social networking has at least helped in this regard.  I think I have my birthday being celebrated in at least 10 or so countries and in varying time zones.

I should also mention, that my birthday is celebrated for me for as long as possible! It really started a week ago and will no doubt continue through till March 7th, thereby ending the birthday month. For a time, I hated the idea that anyone else should have a birthday in this time. Since then, I have learned to accept that sharing my celebration just makes it that much sweeter.  I really am kidding about that last part, but in a small way, not at all : )

For some time I have been doing a birthday countdown of sorts. These days that takes place, for the most part on Facebook.  Either people find it humorous or completely annoying.  If you know me at all, you know that it is as much a part of what makes me tick as my love of makeup and shoes and boys.  Either you get that and get me, or you don't.  And if you don't, your loss.

The Countdown started back in high school.There was a practice of people getting balloons from their friends on their birthday.  Every year as the big day approached I would gently (or not so gently) nudge my friends a little reminder of the day coming up and my love of balloons. Then,  something more sinister began occurring.  You see, my best friend at the time, Shina, and I would exchange notes everyday.  I spent more time and energy in those notes than any homework or classroom assignment.  These notes were episodic and illustrated.  Well, sometime around January the 7th every year, a strange phenomena would take place.  This phenomena came to be known as the Phantom Balloon.  The Phantom Balloon was not penned by me (I swear it) and yet, there it was poking up in my notes to Shina.  Phantom Balloon was a balloon who wore a mask that hid one side of his face... much like that Phantom of the Opera fellow.

Phantom balloon never said anything. He just loomed in the upper corners of sentences and high rafters of the margins.  His presence instilled a fear of falling florescent lights in the cafeteria if his demands should not be met. He was my Angel of Lunacy and he delivered every year. 

Yeah, so I am nuts... but it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!

So just a little catch-up

Lots and lots of awesome have been happening and keeping me busy.  Just finished the second version of The Corsettes show.  It was a sold out and fabulous audience.  Left a day later to go visit my pop in Florida and came back home just in time for a party which tired me out so much I slept through most of the super bowl.

The Glorious Cause or Josh Get Me Shoes campaign has lost some steam.  But, when there are awesome shoes involved, I may be down, but I am never out!

Some things I promise to write about in the next month or so (I promise)

PigDeath- the new feminism
My Battles with Chronic Illness
A little more Naneenoo back-story

All this and the ever Boycrazed rantings that only I can provide.

Speaking of which, Mr, Olbermann still is my top favorite celebrity "Boyfriend" AND the only one who follows me on twitter!  I can't even say how much I miss his show.  I still have the last one on my DVR and am loathe to erase it.  I hope that he is back on TV very soon.

Today I will spend the day hoping to get a birthday shout-out from him.  Silly, I know.  Especially since I get so much birthday love already.  What can I say, I am a princess, I always want more!

I better get running, my phone is ringing with a relative waiting to sing to me... I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Glorious Cause

Last night, I took on a new mission.  This mission is a simple one.  Get my friend Dawn(@lastwordy) a follow on twitter from the one and only Josh Groban (@joshgroban).

It seems a simple task.  One that has its merits too.  You see, Dawn has promised me a pair of Sparkly (and by sparkly we mean sequined or jeweled) Christian Louboutin shoes in my size.

  I have spoken to you of my love of Louboutins before.  You may also be familiar with my obsession of all things sparkly.  Well, then you know that these shoes are the answer to everything in life EVAR!  I have given my quest, my journey, my saga a hashtag on twitter #JoshGetMeShoes. I reserve the right to abbreviate it at some points to #JGMS as it is hard enough to be pithy and get my point across in 140, let alone 125 characters.

So, if you are reading this, you might be wondering, "What can I, a lone reader, do to help support this cause?"  EXCELLENT question!  There is MUCH you can do.  The most important thing is that this  glorious cause gets a ground swell of support.  This can be established by word of mouth.  See a #JGMS post, retweet it.  Start using it yourself.  Let's make this a well known hashtag.  Eventually the songster is bound to see one of the postings.  Mr. Groban will sit, and wonder to himself, "What on earth could this mean"  He will find out, he will follow @lastwordy, I will get my shoes.

Now, you must be asking yourself, is @lastwordy worthy of a follow?  I promise you, she is.  Let's look at her avatar, that's no bot.  She is full on hotness.
She is a smarty pants too and funnier than probably anyone you know.  She also is a great friend. She has been an ear for me at some really tough times.  Dawn can make me laugh when I thought it impossible. The girl has more best friends than anyone I have ever met.  Dawn is currently working on a one woman show, and as someone who has sat and been the audience for some of her stories, this shit is gonna be big one day.  If you STILL aren't sold, she has great tits.

Okay, so you have decided she IS worthy, but @naneenoo why should I help YOU??? I suppose you don't have to.  Sure, in times like this, helping someone score a pair of very expensive designer shoes seems frivolous at best.  Well, I suppose it is.  I am not going to mire you down with a sob story but, let's just say times are very tough for me right now.  Really expensive designer shoes probably wouldn't be the most practical gift for me, sure.  I don't care!  I stick my tongue out at the thought.  It is more than that.  I am of the mind that there is NOTHING that a great pair of shoes can't fix.  Prove me wrong, people.

So, there you have it.  My quest.  A little Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a little Don Quixote, a little Sex in the City, a little Wizard of Oz all rolled into one.  Be a part of history.

*Josh Groban - or as I like to call him, The Grobie

**Louboutins-The shoes featured are just one option and not the actual shoes

*** Dawn or @lastwordy The Photo featured IS in fact my friend Dawn... told you she was HOT!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Bad!

With the best of intentions I started this blog. Then spring and summer made me busier than ever.  I will update some more very soon. (I am hoping this week) In the meantime, here is a glimpse of a performance I did this past weekend at Piano's Bar and Grill. Oh, what a joy performing gives me.  This is one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite movies.  There were no prizes given for guessing what movie it comes from, but that didn't damper the enthusiastic guesser : )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Place that is just as real, just not as brightly lit.....

Imagine that every insecurity, every doubt, every sadness, you were feeling crashed down on you all at once.  Your eyes becoming a source of unending and unyielding tears.  So lonely that you can only feel the pain of the absence of a much needed hug.  You know it is happening, you are aware of it all, and yet you can't stop it.  That nothing can ever be enough, that no one can ever be what you need them to be or do what you want them to do.  Welcome to my PMS.

Pictured below: Sorrow-Van Gogh

It happens almost every month.  It happens and I don't realize it at first.  Then comes the crushing sadness that sits on my chest.  The lump in my throat that not only makes it hard to swallow, but hard to breath.  I concentrate on taking in deep breaths and realize that taking that moment makes me weep and sob uncontrollably.  Then I pause, I think, I pull out my calendar.  I count... 21...22...23....24....25 yeah, it's PMS.  At that moment, I realize that whatever I am feeling, it will end.  I know in a day or so time, I will feel better.  I may feel a fool for how deep in despair I was over something that may look trivial in the light of an unclouded brain. I know this, and yet the despair continues.  Maybe there is a sense of relief for a moment.  I might know that this too shall pass.  But the moments, minutes, hours, days it takes to pass just seem so unbearable.

Pictured below: Despair-Munch

Perhaps you are a friend or a loved one that has been caught in my crossfire.  Perhaps maybe you will be. Perhaps you will go running before that can ever happen. In plainest terms I can only say that yes, the emotions stem from something bothering me.  It is probably nothing I couldn't usually handle, but in that moment it becomes all too clear that I HAVE to get everything off my chest. No matter how selfish, no matter how manipulative, no matter the outcome.  I know it is happening, I can't stop it, I want to stop it but, it is like verbal diarrhea. I wish there were pepto bismol for the tongue.  I know all of this, I still do it. For those of you that have stuck around for it, I can't thank you enough for standing by me. In fact, the closer you are to me, the more I need you, the more I will find myself unleashing on you. I know that I put you in in an impossible position. Nothing you do or say will ever be right or enough. Yet, I ask, nay demand, that you stay with me anyway.  It is a thankless task and as soon as I have unloaded the explosion of verbal secretions on you, I will feel terrible. I will realize what I have done, and feel ashamed that I could behave that way.

I know as I type this that many may pass judgement. Maybe some will commiserate.  I can only hope to offer you a window in to my soul in it's darkest moments.   But I have chosen to take this moment of "verbal diarrhea" and point it towards myself. Perhaps if I shine a light on the darkness inside, I can find my way out of it.   Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and regret that I posted this, but why should I be left off the hook when so many others have had no choice? I will hate looking back on this, I usually consider myself an upbeat person. It is what it is.  With that.... I click publish.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Allow myself to introduce..... myself

Here is a little peak at me.  Some details are going to be held close to the vest for now.  Maybe I will take off that vest at a later date. I will give you some tidbits about me in bullet points, as they are all non sequiturs.

 My Blog/Twitter/Email name is Naneenoo.  Unless you have asked, you are probably pronouncing it wrong in your head.  It should be read as Nay-nee-noo.  It is a nickname given to me as a child by my mom.  Some friends of mine decided to spell it that way on a personalized ceramic birthday present (I believe my mom spelled it Naneynoo), and that is the spelling I stuck with.

Pictured below: Naneenoo ceramic bear.. the origins of the naneenoo spelling

I thought (and still do) that the name was fitting, off-beat, quirky, and reflected the inner-child in me that still is dancing in circles till she gets dizzy and collapses on the front lawn.
 Pictured below:Young Naneenoo in the front yard, not collapsed ; )

I live in New Jersey.  I was born in New York (Staten Island). Despite this, I do not have a typical New York or New Jersey accent.  There seems to a be a deluge of New Jersey on TV these days, I cannot say that I identify (or want to hang out with) any of the people portrayed or showcased. New Jersey, just like any place, has a wide range of people living in it.  The media wants to focus on one type, and that type sells, I understand that.  It still puts me on guard when I am talking to someone online. I feel the need to tell them I am NOT like the Sopranos. (I did enjoy the show, however)

I am a makeup artist by trade.  I also perform a bit on the side.  I am my happiest when acting and singing.  I adore being the center of attention.  It is a bit of a sickness really.  I know that I thrive on praise from others. I don't need it to make me a confident and whole person; I just like it way too much. I am a moth to a flame.  Flattery and praise fuel me. 

My favorite color is Red (red and sparkly is the true fave) I l LOVE red.  There is no close second.  My favorite Movie, The Wizard of Oz is probably my favorite because of the Ruby Slippers.  Had they stayed the original Silver (as in the book) I wonder if the movie still would have been as magical to me.  I also love movies with makeovers and make over/shopping montages.  This is probably why Grease was a close second in my list of faves.

Pictured below: My very own tootsies in my very own Ruby Slippers

I also love Show tunes.  Sure, I love other music, but nothing stirs me like a good Broadway ballad. I go to karaoke at least once a week (if I can.) I would sing show tunes exclusively but they generally are not what the crowd wants in a crowded karaoke bar. 

My last blog entry mentioned my boyfriend, Keith Olbermann.  I failed to mention that I have many boyfriends.  KO is definitely at the top of the list, along side of Jake Gyllenhaal.  The list is numerous, and it is added to all of the time.  Don’t try to pin down my tastes… as indicated by the top of my list, they are quite diverse.  Sometimes it is just the way about a person, or their voice.  I go gaga over a good set of arms, but the tush, chest and abs are all attention grabbers. Nothing gets me going like a man who gives great brain. I can drool over eye-candy plenty, it is what they say that keeps me coming back for more.  

I love to shop.  I love dressing up.  I love shopping for, with, other people.  I love putting together a great outfit.  I love accessories.  I have an unhealthy relationship with designer shoes (especially those fabulous ones with the red Bottoms-Mr. Louboutin, I am talking to you).  Although I own more makeup than most department store counters, I could easily go back and find tons of stuff I still feel like I NEED to buy.  I love Love LOVE dresses.  I like dressing up in them. I like being flirty and feminine, and would rather wear a dress than anything else.  Doesn’t mean I don’t buy tops and jeans, it is just that if there is a dress in the store, I am trying it on, if it looks good and is at a price point that is in my neighborhood, it is coming home with me.  I find bargain and thrift store shopping invigorating as well.  At the end of the day, I just like to look put together and a little funky.  I can spend a few days obsessing over what to wear… and truth be told, I enjoy every second of it.

So, there you have some very basic Naneenoo knowledge.  I promise you, I am deeper than all of this.  I just thought this was a good place to start.  It is like I am dating you, oh blogoshpere, and you got to court me a little tonight.  I can drop the heavy stuff on you later… at least after you have paid for dinner ; )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cause ALL the cool kids are doin' it.

For a while I resisted creating a blog.  Sure I once would have "journal entries" on LiveJournal, but I barely ever read my friend's post there and have long since abandoned posting anything on my own.  Even when I did post anything, it was locked to all but a few friends I deemed worthy of reading.
Facebook is really what sounded the death knell for LiveJournal.  It monopolized my time with it's fun inter-activeness and the occasional addictive application.  Sometime during my facebook frenzy I decided to add a twitter account.  I resisted that too.  I saw no need to have yet another Social Medium in which I would read the same exact things my friends already journaled and posted as a Facebook status.

But go to Twitter I did.  Once there again, I protected my tweets.  I would tweet now and again and got little joy out of it.  There would be some hashtag games that I found fun... such as #BroadwayMusicalMashups and the like.  After the buzz of those wore off, I often left my account to collect virtual dust.

Then one day, HE joined Twitter.  For a while before this, I thought about unlocking my tweets so that I could interact with the world at large but never was the idea so tempting as when HE joined. The HE is Journalist and Host of Countdown Keith Olbermann.  One might not suspect that this man, who is many years my senior and perhaps not who most think of as a sex symbol could be the person who would make me invoke the all cap HE but, KO (as I like to call him) has been "my boyfriend" for years now.... even if he doesn't know it. PLEASE, don't get me wrong.  I am not a stalker, I am not a psycho. I have no delusions that we are actually an item.  That doesn't stop me from referring to him as "mine" to all of my friends, and hushing them when HE is on the television and saying, "Please, let MY Keith speak." HE comes, silver-haired, impeccably dressed to my living room every night Monday through Friday. HE reads the news in a way that not only gets me interested, it keeps me interested.  His sense of humor and cheeky nods to the camera fill me with a giddy glee as if HE were telling me a joke that only "we" understand.  More than all of that, his special comments spoke so passionately about so many beliefs and outrages being perpetuated in this country.  When I felt my own voice was being stifled, his was loud and strong and speaking more eloquently than I ever could.

So, there it was.. there HE was.  I noticed HE was there when my friend Maddie started following him.  I think the debate to unlock my tweets was all but over.  As I told her, he held the key to my virtual chastity belt of tweets.  The deed was done and I was unlocked.  It was a day or so of giddyness as I started to mention celebrities in my tweets. John Cusack being my first response, I nearly died.  One night I mentioned KO in a tweet, HE answered... then HE followed me.  It would, in fact, be an exaggeration to say that was the best day of my life, but it made me WAY happier than something such as that ever should.  His mention of me, plus follow, equalled  a surge in people following me, people I never met before.  I don't have huge numbers by any means, but days before I think I had about 25.

Twitter has become alive for me.  Sure I feel like a bit of a voyeur but, I am kinda getting used to that.  So many of the people I talk to have their own blogs, so I decided to try my hand at one too. I know how much I can talk and sometimes a tweet just doesn''t cut it. It may be challenging for me, as I have finally become accustomed to being brief... 140 character brief.  Part of the inspiration also has come from Roger Ebert who, by following him, has linked me to many wonderful blogs out there. 

I can't make you any promises of what this blog will be. I am not a writer, I speak from my heart, I often add commas where there should be no commas.  My punctuation may leave something to be desired. What my intention is, is that it will help me peel off the layers of guardedness that I put up for some time. Some entries may be fluff, some may be days when I need to be talked down from a ledge (not literally) in any case, I hope that I can learn something about myself and that I can share a little something with those of you who decide to read it.